Transfer from the train station to the train station at a fixed cost.

Transfer to the station

Every time we are going on a long trip, we face several questions that need to be solved. And the moments with the search for train or plane tickets, hotel booking, planning all routes and making a General action plan seems to be a complete list. Don't you? But what is the first thought that comes to mind when you have already done everything that is in the list above? That's right - transfer to the station, or to the airport. It is not strange, but this point, many reason attribute to the least important, but on the day of departure, at risk to miss the train, or a plane, we begin to berate yourself for not mobilizing in advance.

Our company will gladly take on all the hardships and responsibilities for this item. All you need is to tell us the basic information: when, where and where you need to get there. We will calculate the most useful and optimal route in order to minimize the risk of being in traffic, because the last thing you go at this moment is to be late for a flight standing in heavy traffic, which has recently been quite common in our wonderful city.

If you are planning a trip with a large group of friends, or going on vacation with the whole family, we will offer you transfer to airport or station by minibus. Our fleet has many spacious beads that can satisfy any number of seats. Even if you are going to transport a whole football team with a coaching staff, massage therapists and a small support group, we will definitely come up with something for you.

A Similar situation applies to meeting customers at airports and train stations. We will be happy to meet you or your delegation at the exact time and help you reach your destination as quickly, comfortably and safely as possible. Even if you can not be present at the meeting of an important guest, we will arrange his transfer from the airport or train station and accompany the client from the stage of the meeting with a sign, to help with the extraction of Luggage at the destination.

Transfer from the airport/train station to home, this is an extremely convenient service. Remember how many times on arrival home you called a taxi, which is sure to be late, standing in traffic jams and you were forced to wait for the driver like manna from heaven. With the transfer service from our company, all you need to do is contact us, name: date, time, flight number, or train (if necessary) and the number of passengers. For the rest, we will make sure that your trip home was not overshadowed by anything. You can be sure that you will be expected at the meeting place in advance. This item is mandatory, whatever it costs. the We respect your time.

Separately I want to talk about the pricing policy of modern carriers. Today, the cost of a taxi from the airport or train station, to put it mildly, is too high. Due to the lack of alternatives for visitors, taxi services and private traders set unreasonable price tags for their own services, which in some cases are ten times higher than the norm. Our transport company offers transfer services to/from the airport/train station at a fixed cost and ordering any of our services you can be sure that your price tag will be stable and will not change from the date of order to the day of the actual execution of the order. Your comfort and safety at a fair price is our #1 priority. Our best customer is a regular customer and we never forget about this rule!