Rent a minibus in Kiev, Ukraine and Ukraine.

Offshore staff

A few years ago, the services of transport companies did not enjoy such high popularity, due to the fact that the country was a crazy car boom. Wherever a group of people needed to go, they did it on their own, consolidating into small car groups. However, after a few years, people began to get tired of such voyages, which require maximum concentration on the entire period of the way for drivers and the service of renting a minibus has become more relevant than ever.

It Does not matter what route and where you are going to go to a small company, whether it is a trip out of town, at sea, or you need to make a car walk in Kiev. We have a number of solutions for each of your tasks. Our fleet is represented by several dozen different units of buses, among which you can choose the most relevant options for you personally.

If you need a van for tourist trip in Kiev, we can offer a number of options for routes to the most iconic places of the capital. Enjoy the beauty and historical sights of one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

If you need a fast and comfortable transfer around the city, we are pleased to offer the most optimal route, optimized for the features of traffic in those or other hours of congestion on the roads. You will get a wide range of options for each of the tasks set before us. Rent a van for us the concept is very extensive. We do not just provide our vehicles with a driver at your disposal, we try to help each client to achieve maximum comfort on the road, with all the ensuing consequences.

But if you need to rent a bus for a trip to the region, our goal will be the maximum adaptability of the minibus for the specified route and the number of passengers. Wherever you need to go, we will make it faster, more comfortable and safer than anyone in the market.

We constantly monitor the technical condition of all our minibuses and guaranteed provide all its customers the highest service and safety on the road, because often our minibuses are rented for travel throughout Ukraine, and the long distance passenger transportation, it is an additional responsibility on the carrier. In order to provide you with a fast, comfortable and carefree way to any locality in the country, we regularly conduct additional technical inspections of all our buses, without any exceptions. Among other things - we regularly conduct examination work on the certification of employees and first of all - our drivers. To achieve the maximum level of comfort and safety on the way, we must be sure that your driver is a professional of the highest category and you are in more than reliable hands.

This rule applies to all our minibuses, buses, including those that carry out the transportation of passengers in the city. No matter how much you need to drive - 2 or 2000 km., your safety is our main task.

If you are looking for cheap rent a minibus, we are pleased to inform you that the policy of the transport company "Autotransfer" is based on several main components, one of which is - the competent formation of price policy for each client. We practice a system of discounts, often offer promotional conditions and do not make a clear price tag for all services. We have a personal approach to each client. We will take into account your budget and your wishes!