Transfer from the airport to the airport at a fixed cost.

Transfer airport

Autotransfer Transport company offers a service transfer to the airport at a fixed cost. It is also possible to have a single tariff, which does not depend on the day of the week and the time of travel. This type of service is considered to be performed upon arrival by the customer to its destination.

As you know, Kiev is a big city - long distances and considerable difficulties on the way to overcome them. To get from one point to another, pouring into the rapid flow of traffic on the roads, is very difficult. Our transport company provides service for the delivery of passengers to the airport. Using our services, you are guaranteed to get high service, comfort and complete safety throughout the trip.

The price of the above services includes:

  • car delivery to the airport;
  • waiting for the customer's arrival at the airport (waiting time is specified individually);
  • delivery to the final destination. If the flight is delayed, the additional time is paid for in advance of the agreed tariff.

In the framework of a tourist destination under the transfer it is understood the delivery of the passenger from the airport towards the hotel and back. Within the framework of passenger transport, the concept is somewhat broader.

In cooperation with us, you are not afraid of any distance and borders.
Order transfer – means to arrive on time no matter what.

It Is quite simple and easy to solve the problems of the delivery of passengers from small settlements to the airports of large industrial cities.

An example of a classic situation where you need a transfer from the airport building towards the hotel. In this case, the driver of our company comes to you, kindly meets and provides assistance in placing things.

Sometimes it's even a matter of image. Suppose that you want to organize a meeting of business partners with their subsequent delivery to another city. To this end, you should order a business class car through our company. Such a gesture on your part will be adopted accordingly, increasing all chances of signing mutually beneficial contracts.

In order to order a transfer, please fill in the order form or contact us in any way convenient for you. Contact information is located in the relevant section of our online resource.